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    Member's Application Rules [MEMBERS ONLY]

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    Member's Application Rules [MEMBERS ONLY]

    Post by Alex on Thu Aug 01, 2013 12:25 pm

    Hello fellow Members of Infinity,

    If you wish to apply for a higher rank like : Graphic Designer, Moderator ... You have to follow some simple rules, Which are listed bellow.

    - You have to wait at least 1 WEEK to apply for Graphic Designer

    - You cannot apply for Moderator. Moderator is chosen by The Owners, WhiteHawk And I . So if you apply for Moderator it will be directly rejected.

    - If you are a Member And in-active on all of our servers/forum, you will be demoted.

    - Dis-Respecting the Rules will also lead you to a Demote.

    - Don't Beg Owners for a higher rank or you're going to end up Demoted/Muted.

    Keep Up The Hard Work.

    Best Regards,


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