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    [Infinity Jail] Application form


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    [Infinity Jail] Application form

    Post by Upp-Terror on Thu Jun 02, 2016 3:33 pm

    Yo my Members,

    If you think you've the requirements for being an VIP at our Jail-Server, please copy the questions and answer them in an understandable English. You can just apply for being an VIP. Check out the requirements above this for being a VIP!

    - You're active 1-2h/day!
    - You're following always the rules!
    - You haven't been temp.banned for rulebreak
    - You're friendly

    if the requirements for being a VIP is given answer the following questions:

    USGN Number:*
    USGN Name:*
    How much could you spent being online at the Forum/Server?:*
    Why do you want to be an VIP?*
    Why we should approve you as an VIP?*
    What is your current rank at the Server?*
    How much have you already spent there?(screenshot necessary)*
    Tell us something about you:*

    The questions who have an * behind them have to be answered, otherwise your application will be denied! Please if you open an Thread use the rankname which you want to apply of it. Please write in full sentences.

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