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    Newbies admin SmartASS #infinityzombies


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    Newbies admin SmartASS #infinityzombies

    Post by mkcerialkiller on Mon Mar 10, 2014 12:11 am

    Good day. And most respectfully to all the player inside #Infinity-Zombie

    First of all i am very sorry if i come with my knowledgable english writing is bad.

    Look. This is becoming an irritating scene when newbies admin that can kick or ban act like they know all about rules .. For me subjectively if it seems 'like' spawnkill .. its still can make other zombies can go another route to make kills.

    so .. define 'spawnkill' to us .. for real of-course we do know

    But somehow , this 'newborn' admin called 'gersy' kick and threating people for banning if its 'like' spawnkilling situation.

    Not just only this gersy thing.. there's some oldtimer player do that to.. typical

    come on , man ... at least you have to warn first, or twice.... not just kick then be a smartASS like to show this newbies admin is like a GOD in that zombieland...

    "just shut up and play the game"... Gersy isn't that your quote to everyone in there? wth

    and for me .. some of the players are very good enough to play and to smashing all the 'like spawnkill' situation , just like that. because they are good player. very2 good player either zombie or survivor ..

    my point is .. if you are so new in admin group .. please dont make people hate the game, just because of your smartASS attitude .. otherwise people will swear you guys the hell up.. and then you guy in sudden hates them back .. ... so what is this..? is this the beautiful of the game ..? you are surpose protect with best mind set and mentality man..

    TOPNORCH - Aura - Daney - dragon - jessica and all my friends that knows my id' ---- xxMKcerialKillerxx and know how am i behave , its just a game , man .. dont make people hates you and so the game ... its attitude ..

    i do love the game. so many people in my country love the game.. (sigh*) but this kinda people ... omg .. bastards ... i am ignoring this fucker who always threat to kick and ban wherever they like ...

    p/s : we know how to play. we do know about rules .. but please do respect people. make people like you . do not makes enemy.. i dont care if this look childish.. but someone have to see the biggest picture here..

    -outta here-



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