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    Lua Memory


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    Lua Memory

    Post by Starkkz on Fri Feb 28, 2014 2:56 am

    I just managed to make a RAM to HDD memory, it's still unstable because I made it in some minutes.

    - Every variable you set on the global table will be saved, incluiding sub tables memory

    - The script saves the HDD memory only when a variable in the global environment is modified. The only way I could fix this is by synchronizing the global table with the modified memory in sub tables, this subtables will need a source value to know where it is placed in the global environment.


    EnvironmentMetatable = {}

    function GetGlobal()
      local f ="Env.txt", "r")
      if f then
        local TableString = f:read("*a")
        local Table = string.totable(TableString)
        return Table or {}
      return {}

    function SaveGlobal(T)
      local f ="Env.txt", "w")
      if f then
        local TableString = table.serialize(T)
        return true
      return false

    function EnvironmentMetatable:__newindex(Key, Value)
      local SavedGlobal = GetGlobal()
      if self[Key] then
        setmetatable(self, nil)
        self[Key] = Value
        setmetatable(self, EnvironmentMetatable)
      elseif SavedGlobal then
        rawset(SavedGlobal, Key, Value)

    function EnvironmentMetatable:__index(Key)
      setmetatable(self, nil)
      local Value = self[Key]
      setmetatable(self, EnvironmentMetatable)
      if Value then
        return Value
      local SavedGlobal = GetGlobal()
      return rawget(SavedGlobal, Key)

    function serializeElement(object)
      if type(object) == "string" then
        return string.format("%q", object)
      elseif type(object) == "number" then
        return tostring(object)
      elseif type(object) == "table" then
        return table.serialize(object)
      elseif type(object) == "function" then
        local Success, Dump = pcall(string.dump, object)
        if Success then
          return "loadstring(\""..Dump.."\")"

    function table.serialize(t)
      if not t then return nil end
      local Elements = {}
      for k, v in pairs(t) do
        local Key = serializeElement(k)
        local Value = serializeElement(v)
        if Key and Value then
          table.insert(Elements, "["..Key.."]="..Value)
      return "{"..table.concat(Elements, ",").."}"

    function string.totable(s)
      return loadstring("return "..s)()
    setmetatable(_G, EnvironmentMetatable)

    I will probably add this on my admin script to make memory optimization tricks for computers with low ram.

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