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    DDOS Attempts

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    DDOS Attempts

    Post by Alex on Thu Feb 27, 2014 9:12 pm

    Hello dear players and staff of infinity.
    Some of you probably knows that we had alot of players on our servers today at 19:00PM until 21:30PM then the servers suddenly shuted down. And they started at 22:00PM.

    Today I recieved a large amount of packets (flood) from these IP's:

    - | United Stated
    - | Russia

    And these are some IP's that have also tried to ddos the servers (if it is not my mistake)


    These IP's have been blocked already and we even added a better security to our servers. An anti ddos program that filters all the ip's with large amounts of packets and blocks them.

    We are sorry for these issues we confront with.

    Regards, Your Hoster.

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