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    Forum Updates :)

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    Forum Updates :)

    Post by Alex on Fri Feb 21, 2014 6:14 pm


    - Changed forum version from phpbb2 to invision.
    - Added like system, users can now like other users posts.
    - Deleted useless categories such as "Fun Section".
    - Added USGN id to profiles


    - Now the active users will get VIP (verry important person) status on the forum when they reach 200 forum posts.
    - Forum announcement/sticky threads are now separated from the normal ones.
    - Forum categories are now separated from other categories. (removed)


    - Added members usernames GLOW effect
    - Added white background when scrolling on categories
    - Fixed some bugs about the text colors


    - Added warning system, the default warning is 0% and is up to 25%,50%,75% when it reaches 100% you will get banned.
    - Added GLITTER effect to administrators group
    - Added images slideshow on the homepage


    - Added new default avatars
    - Added fast chatbox button on the right bottom corner
    - The profile details is now writen in center
    - Added transparency to images on the forum when mouse is on them
    - Added images on categories
    - Added Report an User Page
    - Added "Online" Status near the name when the user is online
    - Changed the Details order in profiles
    - Added new cursor and some effects to it


    - Added an application form Apply Form << Click it
    - Added loading bar

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