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    Server Rules

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    Server Rules

    Post by Alex on Fri May 03, 2013 8:21 am

    Hey Guys,

    These are the rules that you need to follow:

    -The following rules apply to all Infinity servers:
    -English only in chat.
    -Cheating will result in a permanent ban.
    -Racism of any kind is not allowed
    -Glorification of Nazism is not allowed.
    -Excessive swearing is not allowed.
    -Profane (offensive) or "" (empty) names are not allowed.
    -Do not Spam Chat or Radio commands.
    -The use of map glitches is not allowed.
    -Do not insult our Admins, you will not abuse those that put time and effort into Infinity servers.
    -Causing/Attempting a server crash will result in a permanent ban.
    -Pornographic sprays are not allowed (Paedophile sprays will result in immediate perm ban).

    We perm. ban for the following reasons:

    -Serious racism is 1 warning and then 7 day then eventually perm ban.
    -Deliberately crashing server (=hammering).
    -For advertising their server ip or hacks in chat.
    -For paedophile sprays/links.

    If you have any question ask the staff members unless they are busy !


    Best Regards,

    Infinity Staff.

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