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    READ: Application guidelines (ENGLISH)

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    READ: Application guidelines (ENGLISH)

    Post by Alex on Fri May 03, 2013 8:11 am

    READ: Application guidelines (ENGLISH)
    When applying to become any member status on this board you must have read the following thread in order to successfully have a chance to be accepted.

    · Please note that we can always reject you, even though your thread is top-quality.

    Let's get straight down to the point so we don't waste time:
    · We demand understandable English/German in order for you to take part in this clan. We are not excessively multilingual and do not plan to be so. This means NO OTHER LANGUAGES WHEN CREATING AN APPLICATION THREAD.
    · Be mature, we don't need another kid that wants to join us just because he has nothing else to do. We want serious gamers that are willing to join in and help the clan move forward instead of holding it back.

    Now we go on to your actual details, yes, we are very interested (not really) in what you do or where you live so don't hold back. The longer the thread (not too long) the better it is, make sure it is readable though. We do not want to see thousands of words and not one single gutter (paragraph).

    Remember to post what games you play, this can help us widen our gaming network and become better in hosting servers. Throw a few ideas in your application to stand out. We need people with good ideas as we here at are not uber geniuses (just very smart).

    How did you find us? Maybe it was a friend, or one of our servers that brought you here. Maybe you were browsing for porno on the Internet and accidentally ended up here. We would like to know to see where our users came from.

    Why are you here? Is it our servers that you find interesting or are you here to help out? By posting this information we can see who actually deserves to be here.

    And please, what are you applying for!? Make sure that you can be here to script for CS2D and not Minecraft for example, don't forget that. And don't forget to tell us that!

    Follow these simple guidelines and you are on your way to create a successful application thread.

    NEW Rule : If you want to be accepted, you Have to be active on the forum aswell, and have atleast 50 posts, Without Spamming (in Case of Spamming, You will be punnished by  temporarly or permanently ban)
    Also In order to create a sucessfuly apply please use this form Apply Form << Click it.


    Your Infinity Team

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    Re: READ: Application guidelines (ENGLISH)

    Post by Starkkz on Sat Feb 15, 2014 7:31 pm

    I'll extend a bit the application guidelines with an example to make this better.

    What's your in-game name (nick)?
    R: Loki
    The link to your profile?
    Where do you live?
    R: United States
    What languages do you speak?
    R: English and Spanish.
    How old are you?
    R: 17 years old
    What do you do?
    R: Graphics design / Lua scripting / Mapping
    What's your Lua scripting level? (If you do Lua scripting)
    R: 7 out of 10 (Advanced)
    What games do you play?
    R: Garry's Mod, War Thunder, EVE Online, etc.
    How did you find us?
    R: Playing on the servers, looking up on the clan database, etc.
    Why are you here?
    R: I want to contribute on the clan, I reported someone, etc.
    What are you applying for?
    R: VIP / Member / Moderator / Admin / Scripter / etc.
    What's your Skype? (GET ONE IF YOU DON'T HAVE)

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