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    Forum moderators rules


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    Forum moderators rules

    Post by WhiteHawk on Mon Dec 30, 2013 12:12 am

    Okay guys I had to do this topic because some of you (moderators) are inactive and not doing their job. From now on who is not active on the forum will be demoted even thought he is active on the server.

    1: Mods have to visit daily the forum
    2: Mods have to answer/reply to others threads when they visit the forum
    3: When answering to a topic do it in a professional way
    4: Move closed topics to trash and the topics that are in a wrong category to the right one
    5: Ban the users who are flaming or swearing
    6: Mods are not allowed to delete threads that are not offending anyone or giving user login datas away or any problems that may cause to the forum/server/users.

    Be adviced! I am talking seriously here!


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